We are committed in supporting the society by understanding, monitoring and managing our social, environmental and economic impact to enable us to contribute to society’s need. For Habesha it means not only investment of funds for social activities but helps us to stand up to the expectations of the society and contribute to its welfare.


JANUARY 2017 - Christmas Concert 

Celebrate 2009 Ethiopian Christmas eve with more than 5500 people
at Lafto Mall and donating half of the revenue from the concert to
Gergesenone Home for Elders and Mentally challenged.


MARCH 2017 - ADWA Community Support

Celebrate 2009 Victory of Adwa visiting elderlies who contributed to our victory
and handing out Habesha way of giving back to the society.    


July 2017 - Adama Community support

On July , 2016 Adama  suffered with flood leaving many people homeless,
as part of the community all Habesha staffs take part in handing out materials. 

Live with Passion, Share with Pride

April, 2017
Easter Community Support

Ethiopian Easter with elders and their
family handing out material which help
to celebrate the holiday.  







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